Second Quarter GSAI Flyer Available

GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer - 2nd Quarter 2013Second Quarter GSAI Flyer Available

Squeeze more performance from your engine with a tuned exhaust. Dave Prizio's article provides details. Alan Negrin has some tips for pilots transitioning to a GlaStar or Sportsman. Giorgio Frank flew from Italy to Israel in his GlaStar. Spatulas were awarded. All that and more in this issue:

  • GSAI Flight Deck, By Omar Filipovic
  • Perking up the Performance of a Sportsman, By Dave Prizio
  • Skunkworks: "Setzman" Gets Painted, By Ted Setzer
  • Transition Training Challenges, By Alan Negrin
  • Smiley Creek 2013: Thanks Dave & Dave!, By Jesse and Linda McMurtry
  • Builder Tips: Tailwheel Springs, By Ted Setzer
  • Events: Colorado Fly-In 2013, By Charles Grauer
  • Builder Tips: How Much Fuel Do We Have?, By Ted Setzer
  • GlaStar Door Mod Update, By Omar Filipovic
  • Builder Tips: Backup Battery, By Alan Negrin
  • Italy To Israel in a Glastar, By Giorgio Frank
  • Builder Tips: Glastar Boost Pump Installation, By Peter Aschenbrenner
  • Completions: 17 Years in the Making, By Richard Yerian
  • Can An Aircraft Be Too safe?, By Scott "Sky" Smith

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Arlington Two Weeks To Taxi Open House and BBQ

Join Glasair Aviation for a 'Two Weeks To Taxi Open House and BBQ' during the Arlington Fly-In

Glasair Sportsman 2+2

Friday, July 12, 2013
Open House & BBQ: 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

Arlington Airport
Glasair Aviation
18530 59th Drive NE
Arlington, WA  98223   

Anybody interested in Glasair Aviation and all Glasair, GlaStar, and Sportsman builders should come.

It's the perfect opportunity to:         

  • Learn how the Two Weeks To Taxi program really works
  • Check out the newest features of the Sportsman aircraft
  • Pick up a few tips and tricks to speed your project along
  • Get caught up with your flying friends, and
  • Enjoy a great BBQ and light refreshments 

RSVP to For more information contact Dione Carberry at 360-435-8533 x227or

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First Quarter 2013 Flyer Available

GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer - 1st Quarter 2013First Quarter 2013 Flyer Available

It was bound to happen: Ted Setzer flew his "Setzman" Glasair Sportsman and it was exciting! Find out how the modifications performed and what's next.

The GlaStar enlarged door kit production is moving forward, there is a Deltahawk Diesel Sportsman in the works, Sun 'n Fun was fun, and Steve and Heidi Tillinghast flew their GlaStar to the Bahamas. All that and more in this issue:

  • GlaStar Enlarged Door Kit, By Ted Setzer
  • Easy Muffler Shroud Mold, By Pete Aschenbrenner
  • Setzman N11YM Maiden Flight, By Ted Setzer
  • Caribbean Puddle Jumpers, By Steve Tillinghast
  • Are You a Safe Pilot?, By Alan Negrin
  • Flap Gap Seals Reduce Stall Speed, By Ted Setzer
  • Thoughts on Cooling, By Ted Setzer
  • Ventral Fin for a GlaStar on Floats, By Bill Bracken
  • Deltahawk + Glasair = Diesel Sportsman, By Dave Prizio
  • Sun ‘n Fun Brat Roast, By Herb Karkheck
  • Scotch Electrical Tape for Sealing Gaps, By Randi Ernst
  • Wing Rotating Jig, By Terry Dovey

Watch the stall testing video recorded during a "Setzman" flight:

Setzman Sportsman stall testing

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Save on the Carbon-Fiber Sportsman

Savings Offer Fom Glasair:
Order a Carbon Fiber Sportsman with Constant speed Prop by May 15th and Save $15,000

Carbon-Fiber Glasair Sportsman 2+2

Carbon Fiber Sportsman can be equipped with a choice of:

- A High Performance 180 HP, 210 HP or 215 HP Engine
- Free Upgraded Constant speed Propeller
- Hartzell, MT or Sensenich Propeller options
- State-of-the-Art VFR or IFR Glass Panel Cockpit
- Seating for Four Adults
- Standard or Custom Paint

Carbon-Fiber Glasair Sportsman 2+2Order by May 15th to save $15,000 over the regular price. The "Carbon" Sportsman offers an additional 150 lbs of useful load which increases typical useful load to an incredible 1,150 pounds. Plus, the addition of 2 rear-facing seats allows for comfortable seating for 4 adults. And remember, the Sportsman is convertible to tricycle, taildragger, float & ski configurations. Note: Orders must be placed by May 15th. Other restrictions apply.

Contact Chris Strachan at 360-435-8533 x225 or

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Enlarged Baggage Door for the GlaStar

Enlarged Baggage Door for the GlaStar

Enlarged cargo door for the GlaStar

Enlarged cargo door for the GlaStar

If you ever thought about installing a larger cargo door for your GlaStar, now is your chance to do it.

When the Glasair factory was developing the Sportsman, they tested a GlaStar with a large rear door to Sportsman structural loads and it passed with flying colors. Recently Ted Setzer, Glasair's R&D guru visited a builder in Africa and helped him install a large rear door on his GlaStar, and now Ted is proposing to build a retrofit kit for an enlarged rear door for existing GlaStars. The story about this mod is in the 4th Quarter 2012 GSAI Flyer.

Think of the possibilities - jump seat passengers, easy access for dogs, easy loading of baggage and folding bikes, and even your back will thank you.

If you're interested in this offer, please join the conversation in the Custom Mods forum or send an email to

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Fourth Quarter 2012 Flyer Available

Fourth Quarter of 2012 Flyer available for downloading

GSAI Flyer - Fourth Quarter 2012Mind-blowing mods on a Sportsman at the hands of Glasair's R&D man, Ted Setzer, all in an effort to reduce weight and create a sandbar monster. Then, even more from Ted as he rips open the side of a GlaStar and installs a full-sized door instead of the cargo door. Alan Negrin begins a series on first flights and safe testing, and Tom Kuffel has an idea for a low-cost fuel transfer controller. Finally, if you are scratching your head trying to figure out how to mount engine controls below the carb, Tom Osborne has you covered.

In this issue:

  • Ted’s Excellent Adventure, By Ted Setzer
  • Sportsman Nosegear Bushing Inspection, By Ted Setzer
  • Are you a Test Pilot? By Alan Negrin
  • Lightweight Jack, By Greg Allman
  • Fuel Transfer Controller–Lower Cost Version, By Tom Kuffel
  • First Flight: Bracken GlaStar On Zenair Floats, By Bill Bracken
  • Builder Tip: Brake Flex
  • Engine Control Bracket, Designed by Tom Osborne
  • Weight-Shedding Mods, By Ted Setzer
  • Tow-Bar Rack, By Kathy Sutton
  • Extended Baggage Note, By Ted Setzer

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Superior-Powered Sportsman Offer

Special Introductory Pricing on Superior-Powered Sportsman: $154,995 

Sportsman 2+2

The Sportsman can be equipped with a choice of:

  • Superior's High Performance 180 HP or 215 HP Engine
  • Hartzell, MT or Sensenich Propeller
  • State-of-the-Art VFR or IFR Glass Panel Cockpit
  • Standard or Custom Paint
  • Deluxe Faux Leather Interior
  • Standard Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber

Base price for the Superior-Powered Sportsman is $179,995. Order by Dec 21st and receive the special introductory price of $154,995 - a $25,000 saving over the regular price. The Sportsman is convertible among tricycle, taildragger, float & ski configurations. Note: Orders must be placed by Dec 21st and the aircraft completed in the Two Weeks to Taxi program before June 30th, 2013. Other restrictions apply.

Contact Harry Delong at 360-435-8533 x232 or to schedule your Two Weeks to Taxi start date.

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Third Quarter 2012 Flyer Available

GSAI Flyer - Third Quarter 2012

Third Quarter of 2012 Flyer Available in the Downloads Section

The summer is over and the season of fly-ins with it. GSAI members enjoyed several get-togethers and even got to wear wigs! We've got a few member-submitted tips ranging from an extended baggage compartment to preventing bugs from entering the small, but important holes on your airplane. Sky Smith gives us an update on the insurance markets and Ted Setzer is at it again with modifications.

In this Issue:

  • GSAI Flight Deck: Group Purchase
  • Events: Columbia Fly-In 2012, By Arlo Reeves and Chris Wills
  • Builder Tips: Extended Baggage Compartment, By Lou Nathanson
  • Member Spotlight: NASA Hall of Fame, By Chris Wills
  • Destinations: Back-Country Safari, By Alan Negrin
  • Insurance: Personal Service and Group Experience, By Scott “Sky” Smith
  • Events: Oshkosh 2012, By Dan Dudley
  • Events: Colorado Fly-in, By Charles Grauer
  • Skunkworks: Aft-Facing Seat Sportsman Retrofit, By Ted Setzer
  • Builder Tips: Bug Plug, By Dj Merrill
  • Builder Tips: Curved Surface Jig, By Charles Grauer
  • Builder Tips: Accessorize Your Cockpit, By Kathy Sutton
  • Products: Insultherm Wire Sleeve, By Howard Plevyak


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California Dreamin' Fly-In on Oct 6-7, Like Totally, Dude!

John & Brenda Lake cooked ribs at last year's Hill Billy Hoedown. They're more competent than they look... (Photo: Teri Ray)

California Dreamin' Fly-In on Oct 6-7, Like Totally, Dude!

Join us at the Tenth Annual Northern California GlaStar & Sportsman Fly-In on October 6-7 in the Gold Country town of Columbia, California, for a little California Dreamin'! Wear your tie-dye, board shorts, and flip-flops!

This is a popular gathering of GlaStars & Sportsmans at one of California's nicest public fly-in facilities. It boasts a sweet airport campground and clubhouse next to a well preserved Gold Rush town. The 30th Annual "Fiddle & Bango and Chili Cook-Off" also takes place in town on Saturday this year. Meet the people that you have talked to on the GlaStarnet and check out some beautiful flying examples of our favorite aircraft. If you need an inspiration ride to get going on your project, we can make that happen too.

Please RSVP to Arlo Reeves by October 1 via e-mail if you plan to attend so that we can have name tags ready for you and your guests. Include the name of each person attending and your aircraft type (GlaStar or Sportsman) and N-number. Do you have any suggestions for a short workshop on the flightline? Do you want to share a special flying story after dinner? We'd love to incorporate that into the program. We are also accepting donations for our raffle prizes; your contribution will help make this ever-popular event even better this year.

We’ve created a Google Map showing several points of interest including several described above. It will answer many questions and provide custom driving directions.

For more information, see the Events forum.

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Second Quarter 2012 Flyer Available

2Q 2012 GSAI Flyer

The second quarter of 2012 Flyer is now available in the downloads section!

Erich Häberle flew his Sportsman across the US, then across the Atlantic ocean. His account of the flight is our main feature in this issue.

Mountain flying is a fascinating topic, especially when you have access to the Glastar and Sportsman aircraft that perform beautifully in such terrain, so we follow up on Alan Negrin's Mountain Flying article with articles from Tom Kuffel and Werner Schneider.

The $100 hamburger is passé. Arlo Reeves shows us what he does with his GlaStar.

In this issue: 

  • GSAI Flight Deck: Fly-in Season By Omar Filipovic
  • In Focus: Crossing the Atlantic in a Sportsman By Erich Häberle
  • Mission: Astronomy Annular Eclipse — A Sunday Afternoon Glastar Outing By Arlo Reeves
  • Flying Technique: Safe Flying in the Alps By Werner Schneider
  • Flying Technique: Box-Canyon Turns Revisited By Tom Kuffel
  • What’s New: Garmin’s GLO for Aviation Events: Smiley Creek 2012 Fly-In By Alan Negrin
  • Builder Tips: Sticks and Grips By Peter Aschenbrenner
  • Builder Tips: Springs Prevent Tailwheel Shimmy By Michael Kamber
  • New Products: Cargo Pod, Gear, and Seats for the Sportsman

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