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Dave Prizio's Aircraft Engine Installation Book

Dave Prizio and EAA Announce New Aircraft Engine Installation Book

Powering Your Plane by Dave Prizio“Powering Your Plane” by our very own Dave Prizio is a new book that will help readers correctly install a Lycoming-type engine. It covers each step of the engine installation process, including selecting an engine for your project, firewall construction, plumbing, electrical, preparing for your first engine start, and more. By focusing just on Lycoming and similar engines, such as those by Superior and Continental ECi, the author is able to go into great detail about the types of engine installations that most builders use.

Prizio’s book has numerous illustrations and photos to help builders maneuver through the challenges and intricacies of engine installation. EAA member Dick Koehler, a Tony Bingelis Award winner for his contributions to the homebuilding community, assisted with the technical editing.

Prizio is an experienced aircraft builder, an FAA DAR, and member of EAA’s Homebuilt Aircraft Council. His book builds on EAA’s easy-to-follow guides written by the late Tony Bingelis 30 years ago, which became the definitive how-to manuals for aircraft building and are still available through EAA.

“Tony Bingelis guided me and inspired me with his Powering Your Plane by Dave Priziowriting as I began my first airplane building project more than 25 years ago,” Prizio said. “The desire is to work with EAA to build on his wonderful work and update the knowledge and skills needed to safely and successfully complete an airplane.”

“EAA has long been the leader for information specifically for those who build and restore aircraft, going back to our founder Paul Poberezny, who set the standard more than 60 years ago,” said Charlie Becker, EAA’s director of chapters, communities, and homebuilt community manager. “This latest publication adds to the long tradition of EAA members helping members by sharing knowledge and information to promote safe and fun flying.”

The spiral-bound book is available through EAA’s online store and is priced at $28.98, with a $5.00 discount for EAA members. It ships for free through April 30. It can also be found at the EAA AirVenture Museum gift shop in Oshkosh.


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FAA Certifies Merlin LSA

FAA Certifies Merlin LSA

On March 29 Glasair Aviation of Arlington, Washington, received FAA certification of its much-anticipated Merlin Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).

Glasair Merlin LSA in flight
For nearly 40 years Glasair Aviation has been a world leader in the manufacture of high-end, composite kitplanes, first with its Glasair-series of high-performance low-wing aircraft in the 1980s and later with its high-utility, high-wing GlaStar and Sportsman models.
Merlin LSA certification marks Glasair Aviation’s first entry into turnkey airplane production.  (The Merlin LSA will not be sold as a kit.) The company will target pilots whose desire is to buy-and-fly an affordable, comfortable, all-composite aircraft perfect for recreational flying.
Glasair Aviation also anticipates sales to training centers intent on upgrading to aircraft with excellent handling characteristics and the latest instrumentation. Sales will be through regional aircraft dealerships. (Operators interested in establishing dealerships should contact Glasair Aviation directly.)
The Merlin LSA will be an entirely U.S.-made aircraft.
Further Merlin LSA production is underway with the first customer deliveries expected in third quarter this year.

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Winter 2015 Flyer Available

2015 Winter issue, GAOA FlyerWinter 2015 GAOA Flyer
Now Available

Extended issue with stories about flying to Canada, EarthX batteries, DIY upholstery, aerial photography, LED lighting, flying to some cool places, an elaborate trailer for a GlaStar, maintenance issues, and much more.

Get it in the File Downloads section.

On the cover: Randi Ernst's Sportsman on floats photographed by Cheri Barr.

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Independence, Oregon Fly-in - Aug 14-16 2015

Independence Fly-inThe Fly-in at the Independence State Airport, 7S5 is coming up on August 14-16 2015

For details and registration: Ted Setzer will likely be there with his "Setzman." The weather should be in the mid-80s and sunny.

Come and enjoy a weekend in the central Willamette Valley.

Forums on Tube and Fabric, Van's RV12/14, Safety, Vinyl Covering, Aerial Photography, ADS-B, Fiberglass/Painting.

Speakers include:

  • Vortex generators on RVs – Brian Parris
  • The Genealogy of Fabric Pipers – Clyde Smith Jr. (Also a 3-day J-3/Tripacer seminar 8/11-8/13)
  • Hints and Tips on Aeronca 7 & 11s - Paul Agalioti

Free housing at the Independence Airpark: Preregistration required

Tours of wineries and other local activities

Catered meals Friday evening and all day Saturday -Modern day Prop Development

Craig Catto – Saturday pre-dinner speaker

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OSH Special:from Glasair

Glasair Aviation Offering Free Aft Seat Option at Oshkosh 2015

Glasair Sportsman rear seat

In celebration of AirVenture Oshkosh 2015, Glasair Aviation is adding the aft seat option to any Two Weeks To Taxi Sportsman order placed before July 26, 2015, free of charge.

The rear facing aft seat is one of the newest options developed for the Sportsman 2+2 and includes:

  • Ample head and leg room for adults
  • Careful placement for best possible CG
  • Plush cushioning
  • Excellent visibility

Glasair's signature Two Weeks to Taxi program has empowered aviators at every level of mechanical experience to build their own aircraft.

Visit the Glasair Aviation website for more details.

*Two Weeks to Taxi build slots are limited, so please contact us as soon as possible to secure your experience.


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Merlin LSA Takes First Flight

Glasair Merlin LSA

Merlin LSA Takes First Flight

Arlington, WA - After months of careful preparation, Glasair Aviation's new light sport aircraft, Merlin, took its first flight through the skies above Arlington Municipal Airport Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Following detailed validation testing, including engine run-up, high-speed taxi, and ground roll lift off, the team at Glasair stood back and watched as Merlin departed the surface of runway 34 with test-pilot Grant Smith at the controls. The flight lasted fifty-seven minutes, as Smith took the plane through a full test flight profile that included validating the engine's reliability, exploring flight control characteristics in flight and conducting standard flight maneuvers.

"While nothing can replace the sheer wonder of witnessing the birth of a child, the introduction and maiden flight of a new airplane design is a close second!" Glasair Development Manager Ted Setzer said. "The 'parents' were all there to witness it, including the Glasair Aviation's flight designer engineer, Chuck Hautamaki, and the entire Glasair Aviation team. Seeing the joy and exhilaration on everyone's faces was as satisfying as hearing the test pilot Grant Smith's, positive comments as he emerged from the cockpit."

More about the Glasair Merlin LSA:

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