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GlaStar & Sportsman Association and are Merging 

Glasair Owners Joining GlaStar and Sportsman Owners

The GlaStar & Sportsman Association and are merging into one organization with a single website!

Glasair Aircraft Owners Association

To reflect the aircraft our members are building and flying the GlaStar & Sportsman Association name is changing to Glasair Aircraft Owners Association and we have a new logo.

Our new members will enjoy the camaraderie as well as everything else that helpful builders can offer each other. All of our members use their real names and we are a gregarious bunch - humor is never in short supply.

Joining is easy. Click on the red button on the left to get started.

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GlaStar Cargo Door Update

GlaStar Large Cargo Door Retrofit Kit Update

Production and delivery of the large size baggage door kit has been going well, but it is a limited production run of 25 kits. To date, 14 kits have been sold with 11 remaining to be sold on a first come- first served basis. There are no plans to do a second production run.

To place an order, contact Ted Setzer by email at

If you weren't sure if you wanted this retrofit cargo door for your GlaStar, see the difference below.

GlaStar Cargo Door Retrofit

Photo credit: Kathy Sutton

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New Glasair Merlin LSA and a Diesel Sportsman

News from Glasair Aviation: A new LSA "Merlin" and a Diesel Sportsman

Glasair Sportsman Diesel and Glasair Merlin LSA

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Sun n' Fun Brat Roast

Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Flags

Sun n' Fun Brat Roast

The Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Sun 'n Fun brat roast will be on Friday, April 4 at 5pm. Please RSVP with Herb Karkheck on his mobile phone: 727-455-1134. He needs to know how much food and drink to provide.

The location is SW of Hangar E, see aerial image and look for the new Glasair Aircraft Owners Association flags.

Use this Google Maps link on your smartphone:

Sun n Fun Brat Roast Map

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Fourth Quarter 2013 GSAI Flyer Available

GlaStar & Sportsman Flyer - 4th Quarter 20134th Quarter 2013 GSAI Flyer Available

Missed out on the first Rochester fuel gauge group purchase? We have another one brewing. Training options were expanded when Glasair Aviation obtained a LODA for commercial training which covers their aircraft and three more instructors around the country. Take a look inside Superior's revived engine building school and get a few more builder's tips inside this issue:

  • LODA - New Training Options
  • Rochester Fuel Gauge: Take Two
  • Superior Engine Build School, By Omar Filipovic
  • Builders Risk - Protection for the Parts, By Scott "Sky" Smith
  • A Lightweight Custom Jack, By Kathy Sutton
  • Cowl Piano Hinge, By Pete Aschenbrenner
  • Vernier Assist Throttle Control, By Ted Setzer
  • Quick Notes:
    - Corrosion-proofing Struts, By Howard Plevyak, Cecil Oglesby, Arne Aamodt
    - GlaStar Anti-Servo Tab, By Dick King
    - SCAT Tubes, By John Lake
  • Safari Cargo Net, By Andy Plunkett
  • Completions, Warner Owens 
  • Postcard, By Randi Ernst

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Discounted TWTT Slots

Glasair Aviation has two discounted Two Week to Taxi slots available:

Reserve the 2/17/14 or 3/10/14 Two Weeks to Taxi Slot before the SuperBowl (2/2/14) and you can upgrade to a Carbon Fiber Sportsman for FREE. This is a savings of $15,000. The "Carbon" Sportsman offers an additional 150 lbs of useful load which increases typical useful load to 1,150 pounds.

Or take $15,000 off the price of a standard Sportsman.

And if the Seahawks win the Superbowl, they will throw in the backseat ($4,995) for free.

Contact Harry Delong, 360-435-8533 x232 for details.

by Omar Filipovic, Wednesday, 29 January 2014 15:37 Comments(0), Read all

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